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Pizza School Masters Kansas

Pizza School Masters Kansas. These two masters are going to be rocking the pizza world in Kansas City!
Big Blain and Brady spent the week doing the Master course. They came in a blank slate and took in all we had to offer.

Pizza School Masters Kansas
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They are doing a semi-fast casual pizza and beer place in about 5,000 square feet. They are going to make amazing pizza and cook it in the 140 Inferno Series Wood Gas Combo Revolving Brick Oven. The Concept is going to have a self-service beer system outside seating and Brewery as well as amazing pizza. We worked on some amazing pizzas, sauces, sandwiches, paninis, garlic knots calzones, rolls, and roasted wings. This is going to be a great concept model and should be nothing more than a home run with food cost and labor in line!

Blain and Brady were truly great students, everything was so new to them and they relay loved some of the specialty items they have seen. We are going to be working them through the processes and helping them with everything they need from menu development, design and equipment needs so the can be successful. The goal is to keep it simple, but great and become a leader in the fast-casual brewpub and pizza.
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  1. I miss going to your school almost daily! You both have launched more pizza dreams than any non franchise anywhere I’m betting. I would come work for free just to be a bigger part of the amazing Goodfellas system. Anybody wants to go to school to make pizza, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO. Call me anytime… Scot will give you my number, Just do it!

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