We offer several types of training at our school. Our first class is a four-day pizzaiolo course. This is a hands-on professional course that we teach weekly. This is for people who want to learn how to make great pizza and master all  the skills involved. It is a very comprehensive course with hands-on training and a great consulting atmosphere.

We specialize in training newbies to the pizza industry! All our classes are one on one! That’s correct,  we only teach one student at a time! They truly learn what they are doing, never rushed and never skipping anything.

What is the value of working one on one with 3 Time World Champion pizza makers live in a real restaurant environment? Our students say “it’s priceless!” Pizza Training in New York where everyone knows the best pizza in the country is made!


Founded by the Three World Champions at Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza

This is a hand’s on professional course that we teach weekly. This is for people who want to learn how to make pizza and master the skills involved with it. It is a very comprehensive, hands-on training course all taught by a team of the World’s Best Pizza Makers.

We are Three-time World Champions and have won numerous awards and proclamations over the last twenty years, have been featured on dozens of TV shows and catered on the Presidential Yacht! Our Pizza has even been used as bets on the World Series Games and the Super Bowl by the Mayors of New York City with Other Mayors from opposing teams. With over 20 years’ experience in pizza excellence, no one offers such a unique opportunity to learn hands-on in a real restaurant environment.

What is the value of working one on one with 3 Time World Champion pizza makers live in a real restaurant environment? Our students say “it’s priceless!” Pizza Training in New York where everyone knows the best pizza in the country is made!

In addition to our basic class we off a more advanced class that incorporates our 4 day class skills along with operational management training and custom pizza menu development. This class deals with food cost, par sheets, inventory control, waste control quality control and training. It also provides the student with gourmet sauce training in our kitchen for specialty pizza development. This course allows a person to grasp all the fundamentals of the operation side business and gives the student an excellent start in the management aspect of pizza operations. At course graduation the student will be a pizza master and be able to train others in his own shop on all the basics. He will also have developed his own custom pizza menu with ten gourmet pizzas and be able to show case and sell these items. This is the industry’s best consulting program. You will leave here know how to make any pizza understand all ingredients and be a master. The training is very intense by the end of the training you will be working the stations by yourself on a busy night. We also offer all our advice on anything and provide follow up support via phone for all your questions.

You also get a custom employee manual with photos, recipes and opening and closing procedures, safety sanitation procedures, employee rules, hire documents etc. No other consulting company can provide you with this service!

Besides our pizza classes, we offer complete consulting on startup pizza restaurants from custom wood fired ovens, revolving ovens with the highest production possible, restaurant design, training manuals, marketing, staff training. We basically can help you with any part of the pizza restaurant business. So please feel free to call us with any questions you might have. Ask about our Master Class !!


Founded by the Three World Champions at Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza

Our students learn all the fundamentals of dough making. We have comprehensive workbooks that allow the student to grasp the basics, and truly learn how to make a great dough.

These fundamentals will allow you to understand the art of dough making without the mysteries involved. Then you will truly know your business when it comes to dough.

These basics are explained and demonstrated daily. We teach with time and temperature charts, exact recipes so that you make the perfect dough every time. These charts are for you to use in your own store so that you can teach others the exact science of dough making.

  • Flour: What type of flours there are,  and how they are used properly to create certain styles of pizza. Thin, crispy, thick crust, or Neapolitan style.
  • Yeast:  What types of yeast are there, which is the best to use.
  • Dough Management: How to prepare, store, and be ready for perfect pie making!
  • Dough Stretching:  You will be an expert!  If it takes a dozen times or 100 times, we won’t let you down.  You will have the technique mastered.
  • Trouble Shooting: What to do in any dough emergency.
  • Bread: We will show you how to make incredible bread with ease daily.

As the student, you do the work, making dough from our standard recipes (start to finish)  every day. This way you have the complete hands-on experience and become an expert. 

As Trainers, we ensure that you as a student are doing a great job; we build your confidence and ability by repetitive training. We work with you (or your team) on exactly what is needed until you feel truly confident about what you are doing and can do it!

Our mission in teaching is simple: Students who understand can apply what they have learned, and can make the perfect pizza for life!

  • Pizza Sauce: We will show you and give you the recipes for our authentic Italian Pizza Sauce.  The sauces that we make are all done fresh daily and the pizza is amazing.
  • Tomatoes: What about them? You need to know and we will teach you.
  • Fresh Ingredients: They do make a difference and we will show you all the standards and procedures for high-quality toppings and ingredients.
  • New York Thin Crust.  Traditional New York Pizza at its best!
  • New York Brick Oven Style Yes we did say “New York Style” We will show you how to make amazing brick oven pizza and be able to do it over and over again
  • Sicilian Style Thick Crust Pizza. Thick light and crispy!
  • Grandma Pizza.  Thin crispy square Just like Grandma made!
  • Dessert Pizzas: Incredible gourmet creations right out of the brick oven
  • We will show you how to make real Incredible Pizza Sauce From Fresh Tomatoes, Vodka Sauce, PorcinI Sauce, Roasted Pepper Sauce, Creamy Buffalo Sauce and  Chedder scallion! Gourmet Sauces!!
  • Tomatoes what about them? You need to know and we will teach you.
  • Fresh Ingredients they do make a difference and we will show you why.
  • Meats: How to slice them, what meats to use and how to make them jazz your pizza up!
  • Vegetables:  How to cook or not, how to top your pizza with fresh vegetables so that they look great and taste great.
  • Cheeses: All types, we will review and show you all kinds of cheeses and blends that will allow you to make delicious creations
  • Garnishes: We will show you how you can perfect your creations by adding ingredients after the bake!

If you’re at the school we might as well show how to make some amazing stuff!

That’s what the art is about. You will be making pizza every day, making it live, serving our guests because that’s how much confidence we have in you. You will cook dozens of pizzas daily besides making dough and getting your station ready. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Recipe Standards!

You will also receive all dough and sauce recipes with step by step instructions and photos on all that you learn. This is yours to keep and to use to train others with.

By the end of the 4 day class you will know the secrets and skills on how to make some of the best pizza, rolls, breads and calzones on the planet!

We train all our students in a professional manner. This class is a must for all new operators and exiting ones who want to add brick oven pizza or get their whole team trained in the art of pizza.

No one can offer what we do for you! We also provide chef jackets, hats and two meals daily! Call and book today! Classes are every week when openings are available.

Pizza school of New York

The Four Day Pizza Master Course.

The best in NYC.

CertificateBy the end of the four-day class, you will know the secrets and know how to make some of the best pizza! Our students learn how to operate a wood fired oven and practices these skills every day. All the basic fundamentals are explained and the student cooks dozens of pizzas daily. We also cover sauce making and pizza toppings as part of the four-day training course. This can include calzones, rolls and brick ovens bread.

Brick Oven

Want to Experience Brick Oven Cooking at Home?
Start a Pizza Restaurant Island, NY

The Forno Bello Series (Beautiful Oven Series) is an incredible 33″ X 35″’ wood-fired pizza oven. It comes in 2 beautiful colors (Red or Tuscan Yellow). Featuring a cool modern design on the traditional brick oven, by the world champion Pizza School of New York.

Fast heat up times for making incredible wood-fired pizzas, steaks, chicken, fish, bread and incredible desserts!