Come and Master the Art and Business of Pizza.


Goodfella's Pizza School of NY
  • One on One customizable training
  • Whether new to the industry or a seasoned professional, we have the perfect course for you
  • No pizza making experience necessary
  • We have helped hundreds of startups with tremendous success
  • We are an international school, with many of our alumni doing tremendous business overseas
  • Launched every concept imaginable: Fast Casual, Full Service, Slice House’s, Brew Pub Concepts, Mobile Pizza Trucks, even a Pizza Boat!
  • The Goodfella’s are holders of 4 National Pizza Titles and 9 Regional Titles.


Goodfella's Pizza School of NY

If you’re starting a new pizza business, you need to be the best at what you do. It’s an extremely competitive market out there. We teach our students the basic fundamentals so you have the ability to master the art of pizza. This will be the solid foundation that you can build upon for a lifetime of success in the industry. Come master the art with the best!



We'll Show You How to Make Pizza Like a True Goodfella


Watch and Listen to Some of Our Success Stories

Hi Scot. Thank you for all that you have taught me about pizza. Also for dedicating your time to help me understand everything about the art and finesse of pizza making. And I thank Andy for being so patient and a great mentor that makes everything seem easier and help you overcome your obstacles. It was an honor to learn from the greatest pizza master of our time. It’s difficult to find words that express my gratitude towards you. So I’ll end it with this thank you, god bless you and never stop progressing.


Pizza School Island, NY

Become A World Class Pizza Chef

Goodfella’s Pizza has won 4 National Titles and 9 Regional Titles and known for being #1 in Best Brick Oven Pizza. Use our knowledge and expertise and see how it helps you succeed. You won’t be disappointed.

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Located in Staten Island, NYC.

Brick Oven

Want to Experience Brick Oven Cooking at Home?
Start a Pizza Restaurant Island, NY

The Forno Bello Series (Beautiful Oven Series) is an incredible 33″ X 35″’ wood-fired pizza oven. It comes in 2 beautiful colors (Red or Tuscan Yellow). Featuring a cool modern design on the traditional brick oven, by the world champion Pizza School of New York.

Fast heat up times for making incredible wood-fired pizzas, steaks, chicken, fish, bread and incredible desserts!