Pizza Consultants

Pizza Consultant

When it comes to choosing a pizza consultant nobody does it better The Pizza School of New York! One On One Training in a live restaurant environment is the only way to learn the true experience what it’s like to be in the pizza business.

We have trained and helped hundreds of students open restaurants worldwide and have one of the greatest alumni in the world! Incredible people from every continent! They all come in as newbies green as the grass and have that look of uncertainty in their eyes. But within days that transforms into a competent pizza maker who knows how to make the best they ever had!

Our Focus is the student and we show them everything we can. We teach “art’ and science pizza! Most students call us and ask a lot of great questions! One of them is can I really learn how to make good pizza in less than a week?

Pizza Consultants
Amazing Students

We tell them like it is! “If your not making a great pizza day one you should go home and not get in the pizza business! Because we are live, and you will be serving the pizza directly to our guests! They all love the hands-on experience and pressure because its the best way to learn! Now that’s what a pizza consultant does!

Pizza Consultants
The Best!!

You can choose any pizza consultant but its best to choose the best and rock the pizza world with our alumni! We offer complete consulting, training restaurant design, help, equipment needs, books, recipes you name it we do it and offer a free phone consultation to anyone who wants to make the pizza world go round!

We also recommend the worlds best pizza ovens from the New York Brick Oven Company! Check this out!

We love what we do!!
Be The Best You Can Be With The Pizza School Of New York! Pizza Consultant Professionals

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