Pizza school of New York

Pizza School Training

Pizza School Training
Pizza School of New York                  amazing creations!

Pizza School training  . If you want to learn the art of pizza in a real live restaurant environment then you need to come to the Pizza School of New York.

Pizza School TrainingWe teach all our students the “art’ of pizza all one on one in a live restaurant environment,  and we guaranty your pizza successes. We specialize in Newbies

Dough Master

Pizza  School training
Pizza dough for amazing bread

We will teach you how to be a dough master. You will  learn all you need to know about flour types, temperature control, dough management, different styles of pizza dough. You will also learn  how to stretch, top and cook perfect dough all the time.  You will also receive work- books with charts and information you can use to train your whole staff.  Making great dough, pizza, and bread is what the art of pizza is all about and that’s just the foundation for what you learn at the Pizza School of New York real hands on pizza school training

Pizza Sauce we make incredible  saucers and will cover all the basics on how to make authentic pizza sauce. You will learn about tomatoes, fresh ingredients, and master the skill of sauce making.  At the Pizza School of New York, we also teach our students how to make gourmet sauce and share all the secret recipes with you. Sauces like Vodka sauce, porcini mushroom sauce, creamy pesto sauce, Rosemary cheddar sauce roasted pepper cream sauce! These are the foundations for making some of the most incredible pizzas you and your guest will ever taste.  We specialize in brand new students, (no experience is what we do best!)  and take the time to and make sure  they get it right. Many of our students have had tremendous success in their markets and have even  won the title of best pizza in their state!

For Pizza School training call us today! 1718 987 2422.

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