New York Pizza School

New York Pizza School

New York Pizza School . When it comes to New York every one knows that we make great  pizza. Then what better place is there then to come learn then The Pizza School of New York. We been making amazing pizza for over 24 years and are 4 time International pizza champions as well. So if you want to learn the art of pizza there is only one place to do it!

New York Pizza School
The Pizza Master Himself.

Pizza Consulting at the Pizza School.

Come learn with the master himself. All classes are live one on one and taught by the world champion pizza master himself Andrew Scudera . The only way to learn and the best way to learn is all hands on and that’s our approach.  You will be making dough, sauce and managing every aspect of it every day. Its the practical experience that makes people into real pizza professionals, and that’s what we focus on.

Gourmet Pizza

If you want to learn the art of pizza, gourmet pizza that will set you aside from any competition. In today’s market you have to be different and you have to be great!  That’s what we like to teach people; how to make all kinds of incredible pizza with gourmet sauces and toppings. You can learn how to make Vodka sauces, Cheese sauces, gourmet dessert pizzas , breads, calzones, salad pizza and all kinds of amazing creations that you can feature as your own signature pizzas.

New York Pizza School .

Looking for the ultimate fast casual Pizza Oven. This oven will rock your pizza world and make pizza making a breeze.  Check out the New York Brick Oven Company and the Inferno series pizza ovens. Wood or gas Revolving brick ovens that can produce hudreds of pizzas per hour!   New York Brick Ovens Fast Casual leaders