he world's Best pizza school

Pizza School of New York the World’s Best Pizza School

What Makes Goodfella’s Pizza School of New York the World’s  Best Pizza School?

We are the only one on one pizza school that teaches live in a restaurant  by world champion pizza makers.  With over 27 years of experience we teach people the art of pizza! We teach our students everything there is to know about the bushiness as well.

Some schools have classes with up to “8” people in a class and teach one style of pizza!  We find that rather “amusing”  We are all hands on and teach our students everything  we know!  With 27 years of experience (and being 4 x world champion pizza makers) we have helped 100s of people open restaurants all over the world and that’s a lot of experience !

So What can you learn: New York Style Pizza, (where else but New York could you learn New York style pizza but New York)

  Wood fired Brick Oven Pizza, Gourmet Bread, Fantastic Sauce Recipes, all about dough making we will teach you everything there is to know on how to make perfect consistent dough every time! You will make amazing Breads, Rolls, Calzones, Thick crust Sicilian style pizza and Grandma pizza too.  How to prep toppings, what cheeses to use, how to stretch and toss dough too!  We will show you how to make all of world champion pizzas with all the gourmet sauces to. Sauces like Vodka sauce, Porcini sauce ,Roasted Pepper Cream sauce,  Cheddar Scallion Sauce  Deseret Pizza, Tiramisu. Salad Pizza, Garlic knots, Cinnamon knots, The secret “Salazone”,Flat Breads and The Best Garlic Bread on the planet, even roasted wings !!  Now That may sound like more then you can think with or even imagine but you do it all every day.

Most importantly its all about you!

You are the only student, we work you hard and we love what we do. It’s one of the friendliest learning experiences you can have as well.

We also provide training materials, recipes,  product list with all you need to purchase from vendors. Inventory controls, Food costing and profit and loss review  .   If you need equipment list we have you covered!  We are here to help you through your opening process and will always be available to answer all your questions.

Call Today 718 987 2422 we will be glad to rock your pizza world!

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Pizza School of New York the World’s Best Pizza School

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