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Pizza School Success Stories

What will one on one training get you in a famous pizzeria by 2 World Champion Pizza makers?  A boatload of Pizza School success Stories!  Our alumni are doing huge things out there in the pizza world.  From every corner of the earth, aspiring pizza restauranteurs have come to the iconic Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza in Staten Island and have learned the trade hands on by 2 World Champion Pizza makes and founders of the school, Scot Cosentino and Andrew Scudera.   Students attribute most of their success to learning award-winning pizza recipes in a live environment,  with all the focus on each individual student.  Since the course is geared towards the individual’s needs, concepts, visions, and aspirations, the graduate leaves beyond empowered to take on a very competitive industry.

If you are thinking of getting into an industry where 8 out of 10 restaurants fail within their 1st 2 years, there is no better springboard then the Pizza School of NY to launch you into the industry with a huge advantage.

Below are just some members of our Pizza School of NY Family, our great alumni, doing huge things in the pizza world… all over the world.

Pizza PI VI: the Worlds 1st Pizza Boat

Pizza PIVI pizza school
Pizza PI VI

Tara and Sasha Bouis opened the World’s 1st Pizza Boat in the Virgin Islands.  They had the vision to open the 1st of its kind and acted upon it.  It is a tremendous success today!

Five Points Pizza: Nashville TN

2 locations

five points pizza
Five Points Pizza Nashville TN

The crew from 5 points pizza have been voted Best Pizza in Nashville 5 years in a row!


Green Fire Pizza: Savanah, Georgia

green fire pizza

Cerrone’s Brick Oven Pizza: Columbus, Georgia


Stoked Embers: British Columbia

Stoked Embers


Famous O’s: Karashi, Pakistan

famous o's


Blazing Hearth: Medfield, Massachusetts

blazing hearth


Strongs Brick Oven Pizza: Northern Kentucky

strongs pizza