Who Created The Vodka Pizza?

Created  here at the Original Goodfellas in 1992. The vodka  pizza was my creation.I loved the smooth creamy vodka sauce we made for pasta  and one night (at the end of the night) I was looking to have something to eat and all that was left was some vodka sauce in the kitchen. I wondered how this would be on a pizza? So I took some of the sauce and added some fesh mozzarella  peas, proscutio and that was the birth of the vodka pizza. It was called the scotty pie after me Scot Anthony Cosentino buy my brother But it felt sought of funny when people asked for a Scotty Pie so Idecided to change the Name and stick with the Vodka Pizza!

Oh yes, I  also won an award for that pizza at the International Hotel and Restaurant show in New York City “Best Pizza in America”. It was a great day  and only my first year in buisness. Not bad for a guy who never made pizza!  So if you want to learn from the best and where it all started our pizza school is amazing. Students for all over the planet!

Americas  best Pizza