Seattle's Best Pizza

Seattle’s Best Pizza

 Seattle’s Best Pizza coming soon!  We  would like to congratulate Big John Genna. All the way from Seattle to New York. John came in with all kinds of ideas and passion about what he would like to do.  Serving great new York Pizza and Chicago deep dish. He really is truly a great  Guy who is determined to nail his concept, and understand all he can to master the Art of Pizza .

He and his childhood friend Moe (who hails from Chicago) are now opening a New York-Chicago deep dish pizza bar in Seattle.

He spent 6 days with us learning everything he could. Making great dough, sauces, breads, toppings and yes even Chicago deep dish pizza! I must admit we nailed the deep dish on the first shot. John and Mo have been working on there concept for quite some time. We reviewed menu options, food cost, layout, design took it all apart and built it back up again. We are going to be working with him for awhile as he and Mo are now part of the alumni and are definitely going to rock the Seattle Pizza Scene with Seattle’s Best Pizza , beer and  sandwiches made with  home made bread and the freshest ingredients . IMG_0949.TRIM

I think Seattle is Going to be quite surprised when they get a slice of New York and Chicago served up.  Every Body Knows John’y Moe’s Pizza. Great slogan , and I’m sure it will be true as well as Seattle’s Best Pizza!


Seattle's Best Pizza
Chicago Deep Dish

Big John and Moe! ( Everybody Knows! )

Seales Best Pizza
We wish you both nothing but great successes in your venture and are looking forward to you being Seattle’s Best Pizza you guys are incredible!        Here is his Success. Hi Andy and Scot, I am just getting back to reality and reveling in my Goodfellas experience which was nothing but out of this frick’in world! 
Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for making my 6 days at Goodfellas Pizza School one of the best experiences of my life. There is no doubt that I am lighting years ahead of where I was prior to Pizza School and even more passionate about our continued Johnny Mo’s journey.  
You have provided me with the tools and all the confidence to continue my Pizza passion without hesitation. Not only do I have the skills, I have a  deeper appreciation for the Pizza craft which is giving me the creativity to have a profound influence on how Johnny Mo’s evolves our customer experience. That was not the case prior to my stint on the Rock and feel I am more insightful to drive our menu direction. 
The Goodfellas experience was way more than I bargained for and feel lucky that I stumbled into your school. There are a lot of options out there, but you guys are bar none the best at what you do and how you educate your students through a full restaurant experience. Beyond the Pizza experience, what really stood out  was the both of you and how the you made me feel like a brother from the beginning. I knew after the fist call with Andy that you guys have something special and I made the best decision of my Johnny Mo’s career. 
The constant stories, introductions to customers, entrusting us with your business, pushing, letting me make mistakes and always having open arms made the experience real and authentic like your Pizza.  You guys are the most genuine real people I have met in a long time and I am thankful for our 6 days together. It is what made this an unforgettable experience that will make me stronger and our business better for it. 
I know our paths will criss cross in the years to come and look forward to that happening sooner than later. I will keep you updated on our opening (Spring of 2019) and  find timing for you to come to Seattle for a marketing visit. We will make it worth your while for sure. 
Thank you! 
John Genna 
“Everybody Knows Johnny Mo’s”