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The Pizza University Taught by World Champion Pizza Makers

When its time to choose a Pizza University and  start a pizza restaurant why not learn from the best pizza university in the world ? We are the only one on one pizza school with nothing but hands on training live in a real restaurant setting We offer complete training and teaches all the practical aspects and the art of pizza there is no better pizza university .   Whether your brand new and going into business for the first time, or have years of experience, we have a great program just for you. Our goal is to teach our students to succeed and be confident in creating some of the world’s best pizza creations. Our instruction will instill knowledge and ability in all thing’s pizza, from recipe building to preparation and finally creation.

Our classes are taught at the original Goodfella’s of New York, established in 1992. This is a real live restaurant environment with nothing but continuous hands-on experience and personal training. Our master pizza trainers are owners and founders, (6 time National and International Pizza Champions) who have taught hundreds of students the art of pizza from all over the word!

We have helped them to achieve their goals in being a successful pizzeria operator. Through the years we have been featured in many TV programs, magazines, catered on the Presidential Yacht and Gracie Mansion, and have received many prestigious accolades.

All our student work directly with our master trainers (owners and founders), who assure the student understands all that he or she learns and can produce great pizza from start to finish.

We provide compressive work books for training, recipes for our world champion award winning pizza , product lists, equipment needs, and give continuous hard won knowledge to all our students. Day one you will be live making dough sauce and selling your pizza to all our guest.

Don’t get caught up in some pizza class with dozens of students to save a couple of dollars There is nothing like one-on-one training in a live restaurant where you make all the dough all the pizza and prep all the ingredients.  Learn from the best and be the best!

Learn all styles of dough gourmet pizzas breads dessert pizzas calzones New York pizza and more.  This is all about hands on learning not a class room setting get ready to master the art!

You can even video all we do! Our classes and programs are tailored exactly to what the student needs.  We make sure they learn all of what they are taught and graduate with confidence. Our classes are fun, exciting, hard work and extremely fulfilling.  After our students graduate, we support them by being available for their many questions during their pre-opening process. Goodfellas pizza university is the only one on one pizza school where you can truly master the art!