Pizza School New York

Staten Island’s Goodfella’s Launches Pizza School

by James Mulcahy


Think you have what it takes to become the next great pizzaiolo (which should totally be the name of a food-TV reality show, by the way)? Well, Scot Cosentino, the founder Goodfella’s on Staten Island, has just launched a school to help budding pie-makers become experts at flipping dough. The Pizza School of New York will focus on teaching the techniques of cooking in a wood-fired oven along with a variety of other lessons ranging from sauce making to owning an operating a business. The classes, which presumably include ample opportunities for face stuffing, will be held at the pizzeria’s original location at 1718 Hylan Boulevard. If you wan to roll up your sleeves and whip out the pepperoni, you can learn more about the school here.

Speaking of food TV, it’s rumored that Cosentino is working on some sort of show – could this have something to do with an upcoming stint on the tube? We shall see…