Pizza School New Jersey

Pizza School New Jersey Succsess

Pizza School New Jersey? Another amazing student and Now Pizza Master Manuel Romero! An incredible hard-working student (and native of Central America) will now be rocking the pizza world in Philipsburg New Jessey. Manuel, a previously experienced pizza maker came her to master the art. His success is as follows. “I can’t thank you all enough for showing me the way to make such incredible pizza. I never knew the science and techniques of how to make a perfect dough every time. It was something that I always guessed at. The pizzas also are just amazing as well as the sauces. I believe that we will be successful now that we understand how to do it right. There is no other pizza like this anywhere. The staff Andrew, Scot, and Chico are just amazing, friendly and professional. Thank you all! You guys are really the best and I can’t wait to make great pizza.”
Pizza School New Jersey

Working with great students who have a passion for all they do is just incredible We wish them all the best and will always be glad to assist them with all they need. For us its a lifetime connection and all part of the pizza brotherhood.

His Oven of choice is the Inferno Series 140 Gas wood.

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