Master the art of pizza

They come from all over the world to our Pizza School to Master the Art of Pizza.

That is why you come to the Pizza School of New York to Master the art of Pizza .Our pizza school Masters go out into the pizza world and create some amazing  pizza!  They all come with passion and  most without any experience at all.  Each student is different in every aspect some are more business orientated, some are chasing their dreams, some  just love pizza. Whatever their passion is  and needs are we work with them one on one to achieve their goals.

In order to succeed, they need to know all they can know. So we teach them all at their own pace and show them all we can. Some students  come with ideas of gooing to pizza school to master the art of pizza. That is what we help them do! Some come to open a slice place, some come to open  a  fast-casual pizza chain,  some a gourmet brew pub, some to fulfill  a lifetime long goal of being an entrepreneur  and some don’t  know what they really want to do “concept wise” but when they leave us they always  do.  So the moral of the story is come to the pizza school to “master the art and capture your dreams”

When it comes to great pizza everyone knows New York is the place for  pizza! So why not come, master, the art with the 4-time world champions of pizza! We teach every style of pizza and will show you the way to make incredible creations that will crush any competition and help you to succeed .

 Always one on one training live in a real restaurant   environment   Call us today and we will make a master out of you today 718 987 2422 .


Master the art of Pizza at the Pizza School of New York
Master the Art of Pizza