Goodfellas Pizza School Students

Goodfellas Pizza School Students

Goodfellas  Pizza School Students of the Week!

This week Goodfellas Pizza School welcomes two great students from Virginia.

This is another interesting story of two hard-working fellas who were about to get into the pizza game in Virginia. Like all our students it seems everyone has a unique story.  To keep it short and sweet here is what they told us. They found a great location that was a pizza place and decided they were going to give it a shot.  It even had equipment and they figured how hard can it be to get someone hired to help them out and make some great pizza. But easier said than done! When they had finally gotten it all together “someone” bailed on them and they called us in a panic. So we accommodated them right away and got down to business.

The First Day Goodfellas Pizza School Students 


The first day is always the best, like most students they had no idea what to expect and had a million questions that needed to be answered. So we got down to the basics and taught all the fundamentals of dough and dough making!  Then off to the station for dough stretching and making pizza. Within no time at all they were live at the station.  Making great was going to be easy was the realization.  That’s what you want to see! You want to see your students become confident and know they can do it.

Day Two Goodfellas Pizza School Students

Day two was a repeat of day one with some bread added into the mix. Their pizza skills began to get better and better with every pizza they made. Yes, there were one or two mistakes with “thin or torn pies”. But that’s why they are here to make the mistakes and learn not to.

Day Three

Day three Goodfellas Pizza School let’s make dough, pizza sauces, garlic knots grandma pizza, and get creative. All live lots of cooking and pizza making with a basic understanding of all ingredients. Then the lights come on “Do you think we can make a pizza like this”? That’s when we know they have the basics down, understsnd the techniques, and want to experiment. We made some cool alfredo sauce pizzas with various toppings and they were quite amazing! Created some new sauces and did some other stuffed sandwiches, and rools calzones  and it was a great day altogether.

Day Four

This was the last day and they rocked the pizza station with all kinds of cool stuff. They were basically on their own making every pie and selling everything as well. They also realized that all the gourmet pizza had to be on their menu not just the New York-style pizza but the brick oven ones as well. They decided that they would have to get a revolving brick oven and become pizza experts in their market!


Great Job Fellas and All The Best Of Luck ! Scot And Andrew Goodfellas Pizza School Students


The success of a pizza school depends on a variety of factors, including the quality of instruction, the curriculum, the facilities, and the level of support provided to students. At Goodfellas Pizza School we have  a strong reputation for providing excellent instruction and support to students of all levels.  We are a team of   experienced pizza makers who are passionate about sharing our knowledge and skills with others.  We truly  love to see others learn and  succeed in the pizza busines as well as in life