Best Pizza Consultants

Best Pizza Consultants

Looking For The Best Pizza Consultants In The Business? The Pizza School Of New York Is Your Solution The Only One On One Hands-On Pizza School

The Pizza School Of New York has trained Hundreds of students worldwide and has the best pizza consultants to help you master the art. We offer the best one on one training in the Industry.

What Make The Pizza School Of New York The Best?

One On One Training Every student learns at his own pace. Training is all hands-on in a live restaurant environment. Other Pizza Schools Train Multiple students at the same time up to 8 and that is no way to learn.

Pizza Consultant Experts
One On One With Kurt Kellog

Dough Science. Learn all about dough management, flour types, proper hydration levels, aging techniques and how to make the perfect dough consistently every time. We teach several styles of dough and will make sure you are a dough master. Our Students Make The Dough Daily!

pizza school starter 2
Dough Starter

Pizza Sauce. We will teach you how to use the best tomatoes to make the freshest pizza sauce perfectly. We discuss the tomatoes, the ingredients and how to source great products for perfect pizza sauce daily. Our Students Make The Sauce Daily

Pizza Sauce
Fresh Pizza Sauce

Dough Stretching. In order to make great pizza, you have to know how to stretch the dough properly. We teach several techniques, take our time with the student and make them stretch dozens of doughs daily until they are perfect. Our Students Stretch The Dough Daily

Best Pizza Consutants
Dough Stretching

Pizza Toppings We roast, slice, season and prep the toppings daily. Our Students prepare the topping, Our Students Prep The Toppings Daily

The Best Pizza Consutants
Prepping The Peppers

Cheeses! What about the cheeses? We grate, slice and dice all types of cheese Fresh Mozzarella, Shredded Mozzarella, Provolone, Asiago, Pecorino, Fontina, Smoked Mozzarella. Our Students Slice Dice and Grate The Cheese!

Grated Daily Fresh

Fresh Breads. We make the best fresh bread daily. Every day we make beautiful breads and teach you how to do it daily. All Our Students Make Fresh Bread Daily.

Perfect Brick Oven Bread Daily

Pizza Styles! We teach Brick Oven Style New York Style, Grandma Pizza Sicilian Pizza, Dessert Pizza and Dozens of Gourmet Pizzas. What type of school would only focus on one type of pizza when you need to know it all and be the best? Our Students Make All Styles Of Pizza Daily!

wild yeast starter pizza
Pizza Success
Best Pizza School
The Worlds Best Pizza School

Students That Rock

Pizza School Indiana
Amazing Pizza by Big Scotty !!
Pizza School brick oven Pizza Consultants
Dessert Pizza
Students That Rock The Pizza World
World Champion Pizza Makers
The Best Pizza Consultants

Recipe Books We Provide all recipes with photos and standards for you to take home. We also Provide Food List and will help you with your vendors to get the correct products you need, equipment list equipment deals and more that is what makes us the Best Pizza Consultants in the industry

The Greatest Alumni Ever! Each student after the graduate becomes an Alumni member and has access to our alumni page. Students get to ask and talk to other successful students and share their ideas, successes and help each other solve problems. We are also available to help you with whatever questions you might have through your opening processes. We have opened Hundreds of Restaurants and Multiple concepts.

The Bottom Line is: If You Want To Be The Best We Are The Solution!

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