Pizza consulting service

Pizza Consulting Service

Pizza Consulting Service world wide. We offer complete Pizza Consulting  Service , Concept Creation, and Store Design. When you need pizza a consultant who better than the experts. We offer complete drawings for your concept and can help you with every aspect of your project.  Our team of pizza experts and  restaurant designers  understand what it takes to properly set up  a great concept.   We will lay out your store so that it’s more efficient and cost effective to operate and build. We provide you with Auto Cad Drawings (Automated Computer Aided Design/Drafting)    complete with all equipment needs (brands) including plumbing and electrical roughing’s.

Pizza Consulting Service

Pizza consulting Service
Fast Casual Pizza concept

What we really do: We provide detailed lay outs of your restaurant based upon the menu and design of your building. We will consult you on proper work flow diagrams and set ups that will allow you the most economical design.  We offer Compete mechanical drawings that can be used for build out purposes with all Equipment specified. The drawings will be in auto cad format as well as printed drawings with equipment schedule. Our designers have worked on dozens of jobs and understand what it is you need to accomplish and pizza consulting .  This will cover all equipment specifications, plumbing, and electrical schematics. Wall backing materials and elevations for finish cabinetry where necessary.

This will be done by our design team and your input as well. You can present this to your local architect for filing as well as contractors for biding. Our approach to every design is to first understand the concept and vision. We do that through an interview process. It then is our job to utilize the space in the most efficient way. We understand the cost of employees and real estate. It is imperative that we do not waste either. We understand the cost of over-drawing and specifying needless kitchen equipment. Thousands of extra dollars can be spent with poor plumbing locations. We make sure that each floor drain can handle 2 or 3 pieces of equipment.

Concept Design

The concept phase of the project is your complete layout based on your concept and vision. This includes helping define a menu to ensure proper equipment specifications. The second phase is the rest of the package which includes foodservice plumbing plan, food service electrical, equipment specifications, equipment branding and Equipment Company pricing. Elevations of equipment are supplied when necessary as part of the package.All drawings that we provide are Auto CAD based. We draw to all health department and ADA codes. The equipment we select for your space is based purely on the ability to produce a specific product. We do not overdraw or have any reason to exceed your budget. It is our job to realize your vision and concept and at the same time design a space that is very customer and employee friendly.


Equipment Specifications and Quotes. We will specify all equipment for your store at the best prices we can get for you through several reputable vendors with quotes. We will shop the cheapest prices and find you the best deals on the market this will include all equipment, ovens, tables, chairs, small wares and Point of Sale needs. You can shop the quotes as well one we present them. We will line up several for you with options on equipment.  So if you’re looking to develop an incredible fast casual concept call us today or need any type of pizza consulting service give us a call today. 718 987 2422

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