Pizza school Alaska

Pizza School Alaska

Pizza School Alaska! Well, these two wonderful students came all the way from Alaska to learn with the world champion pizza team at Goodfellas Pizza School of New York ! Every week we have amazing students from all over the world.


Pizza School Alaska
Pizza Students master the art

Learning the art of pizza is what the pizza school is all about. One on one training, personal care, and ensuring our student’s success.  We know that every student learns at a different pace,   so we train them to master each step of pizza making as they go.  Our training focus is on the student’s ability to do, rather than lecture them, we make them produce all recipes and make pizza live.

You learn it all! We don’t just teach one style of pizza like some pizza schools do, and we know that a classroom environment with multiple students just divides your instruction.  You can learn New York Style, Sicilian style, Neapolitan style, calzones, pizza rolls, garlic knots, breads, desserts and dozens of incredible creations along with our international pizza winning recipes and sauces. This is all taught in a live environment where you roll up your sleeves and get down to the business of pizza making!


We also offer all recipes, with workbooks and fantastic training materials as part of the course that are yours to keep.


Our Latest Alumni on the way to show Alaska how it’s done!  


Our alumni are as successful as they are because they get the undivided attention by being the only students in the course, AND because the course is taught by 3 World Champion Pizza Makers: Scot Cosentino, Andrew Scudera, and Sal Russo.  So come master the learn all you can so you to can be a great pizza success!

  Two Great Students!


Pizza School Alaska here we come!