Pizza school New York

Pizza School New York

The Pizza School New York.  When it come to learning the art of pizza or starting a new pizza business who then better to learn from then experienced world champion pizza makers . The Pizza school of New York offers one on one training with all hands on experience. Our students are all taught one on one,  this way they can really master the art. Every student is different and learns at a faster or slower pace, we make sure we don’t skip anything so that they learn and master each step as they go.

Our best students are the ones without any experience. They listen well and are eager to really learn the art. By day one they are making dough, making bread and yes stretching dough and making pizza!  Most  of them are amazed at how fast they can learn when someone who cares, takes the time and assures that they get it. The important thing to do with all students is to be sure that they get each part of the training and master the skill as well as the art. When a student gets all the basics and really understands then ,  he then  can  make anything and really sees the “art “in the art of pizza. There  are so many ways to make great pizza , we show you the basics and all the great gourmet pizzas that we have won many international awards for!   After you master the techniques you can do anything, and most students  do so many great things as a result.  So when it’s time to learn the art there’s only one place to really learn it live it and breath it! That’s the Pizza School of New York. Pizza School New York Facebook link PIZZA SCHOOL FACEBOOK

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pizza school new york