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Pizza School Success

Pizza School Success Stories

What will one on one training get you in a famous pizzeria by 2 World Champion Pizza makers?  A boatload of Pizza School success Stories!  Our alumni are doing huge things out there in the pizza world.  From every corner of the earth, aspiring pizza restauranteurs have come to the iconic Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza in Staten Island and have learned the trade hands on by 2 World Champion Pizza makes and founders of the school, Scot Cosentino and Andrew Scudera.   Students attribute most of their success to learning award-winning pizza recipes in a live environment,  with all the focus on each individual student.  Since the course is geared towards the individual’s needs, concepts, visions, and aspirations, the graduate leaves beyond empowered to take on a very competitive industry.

If you are thinking of getting into an industry where 8 out of 10 restaurants fail within their 1st 2 years, there is no better springboard then the Pizza School of NY to launch you into the industry with a huge advantage.

Below are just some members of our Pizza School of NY Family, our great alumni, doing huge things in the pizza world… all over the world.

Pizza PI VI: the Worlds 1st Pizza Boat

Pizza PIVI pizza school
Pizza PI VI

Tara and Sasha Bouis opened the World’s 1st Pizza Boat in the Virgin Islands.  They had the vision to open the 1st of its kind and acted upon it.  It is a tremendous success today!

Five Points Pizza: Nashville TN

2 locations

five points pizza
Five Points Pizza Nashville TN

The crew from 5 points pizza have been voted Best Pizza in Nashville 5 years in a row!


Green Fire Pizza: Savanah, Georgia

green fire pizza

Cerrone’s Brick Oven Pizza: Columbus, Georgia


Stoked Embers: British Columbia

Stoked Embers


Famous O’s: Karashi, Pakistan

famous o's


Blazing Hearth: Medfield, Massachusetts

blazing hearth


Strongs Brick Oven Pizza: Northern Kentucky

strongs pizza

wild yeast day 2

Make a Wild Yeast Starter from Scratch


wild yeast starterHow to make a wild yeast starter from scratch

For most of my 23 years in the pizza business, I was always fascinated with the dough making process.  As of recent years, there is alot of implementation of wild yeast starters in pizza dough recipes.   Often times a new student in pizza will ask a question on how something will “come out” when using certain ingredients or methods.  My answer is always the same, “Let’s do it and see what happens!”  We then get to see first hand the results of our experiment.  This is how we learn about how the ingredients interact with each other.  First hand, real life, right in front of you, to taste, and touch, and smell.  Quite honestly, I have gotten some bad results from experimenting throughout the years.  I have had some great results too.  But I have always reverted back to my good old dough recipe because it was always so versatile and awesome.  I have to say, after this wild yeast starter experiment, I am very very excited.

My latest pizza project here at the Goodfella’s Pizza School of NY was making a wild yeast starter from scratch and incorporating it into my dough recipe.  The results were amazing!  I am going to illustrate how I did it, all the tools and techniques I used, the ingredients as well as timelines so you can play around at home or in your business and see and taste the results for yourself.

ingredients and tools

These are the exact ingredients I used to make the natural yeast starter.  I bought them from my local health food store.
pizza school tools
pizza school day 1
Here we go.  We are going to take 1 of the clean Mason Jars and we are going to place it on the scale.  Press Tare to 0 out the scale.  Add 100 grams of whole grain Rye Flour and 150 grams of water.   We are going to want to keep this in a warm place, preferably 80 degrees.  If you are going to store it somewhere cool, use 80 degree water to start off.  Mix the water and flour together until completely incorporated.  Be sure to cover the jar.  Also try storing this out of direct sunlight.  Now we wait 24 hours.
pizza school starterpizza school starter 2
pizza school day 2

wild starter 1 day

You may have observed some activity in your new baby starter.  Do not worry if it looks exactly the same as the day before.  In just 24 hours my starter had a surge in activity and looked like the picture to the right.  You can see the tiny bubbles of gas building in this mixture of rye flour and water.  As we continue to mix this with new flours and water, the initial boom of activity will mellow down a bit.  As we continue to feed it, it will ramp back up.
Take your 2nd mason jar and put it on the scale.  Hit the Tare to 0 the scale out.  Using your spatula, take 75 grams of the mixture you are already fermenting from the day before and discard the rest.  Add 50 grams of Rye Flour, 50 grams of Whole Wheat Flour, and 125 grams of water.  I used 80 degree water.  Mix it up until all the flour is hydrated and combined well.  Cover your jar and store it in the same warm spot for another 24 hours.  Be sure to clean out the jar you previously used so we can use it on day 3.

pizza school day 3

wild yeast day 2 wild yeast day 2Again, on the beginning of the 3rd day its ok if you have not seen much activity.  You can see here to the left that by the beginning of my 3rd day, beneficial bacteria and yeast are beginning to take hold.

Regardless of what your new starter is showing you, keep on feeding and you will soon see this starter take form.

Take your clean jar and 0 it out on the scale.  Scoop 75 grams of the mixture you have been fermenting the day before into the clean jar, add 50 grams of Rye Flour, 50 grams of Whole Wheat Flour, and 125 grams of water.  Stir and incorporate well till all is hydrated.  Cover the jar and rest in the same warm spot for 24 hours until day 4.  Clean out your previous jar.




day 4 heading

wild yeast day 4Day 4 is the first day we begin to feed our starter twice a day.  I fed my starter 10 am every morning and 10 pm every evening.  You can do it anytime that is convenient for you but it must be fed every 12 hours.

By day 4 you should be seeing activity if you have not already.  You should see bubbles scattered throughout the mixture.  You may see that the mixture has risen and fallen a bit seeing the streaks along the glass where the starter once risen to.

We are feeding the same way as day 3:
0 out your clean jar on the scale and scoop 75 grams of the mixture you have been fermenting, discarding the rest.  Add 50 grams of Rye Flour, 50 grams of Whole Wheat Flour, and 125 grams of water.  Mix thoroughly, cover it up, and let it rest in  a warm spot for 12 hour.  Set an alarm on your phone or timer so you do not forget to feed it.  After 12 hours, repeat the steps above again and store it overnight for another 12 hours.


pizza school day 5

You are going to feed the starter the same ingredients as day 4 every 12 hours on day 5 and 6.   You can see that the activity was so strong in my starter on day 5 that it overflowed out of the small container I stored it in.  Don’t forget to feed your starter!!!

starter overflow IMG_6478

day 7

In the morning on the 7th day, 0 out your clean jar on the scale.  Add 50 grams of the mixture you have been fermenting, 100 grams of your staple flour (in my case it is All Trumps 50111) and 100 grams of water.  We are finished with the Rye flour and the Whole Wheat flour for now.  Mix well and hydrate.  Cover and rest in the same warm spot and repeat this process 12 hours later.

Your starter should rise and fall predictably by now.  If it is, its ready to be used in a recipe.  If it is not rising and falling predictably,  refresh your starter for a day or two more until it begins to show signs strength.  This happened to me, so I reverted back to the Rye and the Whole Wheat for an additional day.  On my 9th day, I omitted the Rye and Whole Wheat and went back to the All Trumps.  My starter has been stronger ever since.

Now that you have your wild yeast starter, what do I do with it?     How do I use it in a pizza dough recipe? How much starter do I use? 

Our online course below will easily teach you how to incorporate your new starter into a phenomenal authentic pizza dough recipe.    Included in the course is a recipe for commercial use as well as a small scale recipe for home bakers.    You will learn how to build your starter up, how much to use, how to incorporate it with a variation of a dough recipe that has rocked the International Pizza Expo!

Click on the Wild Yeast Starter Image for the course!

wild yeast starter


Pizza Consutant Experts

Pizza Consultant Experts

Pizza Consultant Experts From The world’s best pizza makers.

We offer complete pizza training and consulting. If you’re looking to create an incredible fast-casual pizza place or an upscale pizza bar or even start your own pizza franchise, we are here to help you. We are Pizza Consultant Experts With over 25 years in the pizza business and four World champion titles (as well as dozens of national and regional ones) we are the pizza experts. We have trained 100 of students throughout the years, from all over the world and help open dozens of concepts worldwide.    

What we do for Our Students.

We are the only one on one training school! It’s all live hands on in a real restaurant environment. So you get all the attention and really produce amazing pizza and learn!

Compare that to some schools that have 8 people in a class and teach one style, we teach it all, so you get 8 times the value and skill.

We teach the “science” of dough!

So you know everything there is to know about making the perfect dough every time.  Starters, Bulk ferment, and Flour types so you can make the best dough possible.

We will teach you how to make some of the best sauces, all fresh daily! New York Pizza Sauce, Italian Pizza sauce, Neapolitan pizza sauce, Vodka sauce, Porcini sauce, Roasted Pepper sauce, and Pesto. (You name it,  You Make it)   You will also be provided with complete a complete recipe and workbook.  . Our books have photos and step by step instructions so you can train your staff to make our amazing sauces.

Learn about cheeses all types:  Fresh mozzarella, Provolone, Asiago, Marscapone, Fontina, and Pecorino Romano! We use them all.

You will cook live everyday, prep all the products, Roast Peppers, Roast vegetables make Garlic knots, Calzones, Rolls, and the best bread you ever tasted.

Pizza Styles  New York style pizza, Neapolitan Style pizza and dough, Sicilian style pizza, Grandma Style Pizza, Gourmet Pizzas with amazing sauces, Salad Pizza and Desserts  Now That’s a school!!

Pizza Consultant Experts

If that’s not enough we also teach food cost for pizza items. This way you know how to cost your menu items. We provide you with temperature charts for perfect dough, Par sheets to get your ordering and inventory perfect, and order guides with a complete product list of everything you will need.

You will also become part of the Pizza school alumni and we will continue to help you with any questions and support.

Pizza School Face Book

Other Services Available

pizza consultant experts
Design Complete design of your store we Provide all equipment needed and create drawings for your concept.



Pizza Consultant experts
Fast Casual Pizza Concepts
Pizza Consultant Experts
Full Service Design  We Do It all


Interior Design full-color renderings with material list and finishes.

Custom Training Manuals for your staff training.

Start your own concept!


Pizza School NY

Pizza School NY Successes

Pizza School NY Graduates

The Original Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza in Staten Island, NY has been a trendsetter in the Gourmet Pizza game since it’s inception in 1992.  The “fellas” launched the Pizza School NY in 2012 with the intent to teach the art of NY Brick Oven Pizza to anyone that is serious into breaking into the competitive pizza market.   After 5 years of teaching the passion of pizza, here are some of the tremendously successful concepts shaping the pizza world today.  The best thing about all the successes is that most of our students have never been in the pizza business before or even made a pizza!

Pizza PIVI: The Worlds 1st Pizza Boat

Sasha and Tara Bouis,two amazing students are the creators of the worlds 1st pizza boat “Pizza PIVI” which operates in the Virgin Islands. One day they decided to quit the rat race to live the ultimate dream – to open a pizza boat in the stunning Caribbean ocean.

The eatery has gained an army of fans who have even rated it as the top restaurant in the area.

If that wasn’t good enough, pizza lovers Tara and Sasha Bouis, originally from Indiana and Manhattan respectively, even do deliveries.

Their tasty offerings are served in the eye-catching location of St Thomas, where boats can moor up alongside the floating pizzeria for a meal.  Incredible people with incredible passion see some of the stories below!

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook




 The Forge – Foley, Alabama

Sam Nunnery Rocking the pizza world in Foley Alabama.  A bright ambitious young man who jumped in and went for his dreams! He truly a talent man and you can see him in the school below.

Pizza School NY


Five Points Pizza, Nashville TN – 2 locations

One of our 1st students ever here at the Pizza School NY.  This crew brought their passion for pizza back to Nashville with their new pizza knowledge and was voted Best Pizza in Nashville 5 years in a row.  They even competed in Italy with the US Pizza Team!




Strongs Brick Oven Pizza, KY and Indiana – 3 locations

Strongs Brick Oven Pizza was voted Best of NKY 4 years in a row, competed alongside the Pizza School NY team at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas NV.


Gino’s Pizza – Seoul South Korea – 3 locations

Pizza School NY Pizza School NY Pizza School NY Pizza School NY


Cerrone’s Brick Oven Pizza – Columbus, GA

Check out the owner of Cerrone’s, Big Leo competing with the Pizza School NY at the International Pizza Expo.  Leo took home Best in his region his 1st time competing.

Stoked Embers – Canada

Mobile Pizza is a huge business when you do it right, and the crew from Stoked Embers did not hold back!  They built a monster Pizza Truck with a revolving brick oven from NY Brick Oven Company.

Just a few more concepts we helped get rolling

pizza school cooking

Pizza School Cooking

Pizza School Cooking.

If you want to learn to cook amazing pizza and incredible dishes come to the Pizza School of New York.  We teach the art of pizza and everything you can think of! Check out our amazing Pizza School Cooking in the revolving brick oven from the New York Brick Oven Company.  Cooking all types of pizza, seafood, appetizers, calzones, rolls, and steaks.

Learn from the best!!!!  Here at the Pizza School of New York, our courses are taught by three World Champion Pizza Makers:  Scot Cosentino, Andrew Scudera, and Salvatore Russo.  Our students grasp every aspect of what we teach because of a professional live environment, with personal one on one instruction.  Our students leave with the ability and confidence to create some of the best pizza’s in the world.  As you can see from the video below, our students get a taste of Wood Fired cooking at it best with many other great profitable menu ideas other than just pizza!

The best investment to make when getting into the pizza business is to first invest in yourself.

The Goodfella’s Pizza School of NY will give you the experience you need to be a powerhouse in a very competitive pizza market.  We can teach you many styles of pizza, not just one style like other schools.  The one on one personal training is the only way to learn.  The benefit to one on one training is tremendous, allowing our students to pause the class and ask important questions they need answers to, mastering every task they learn along the way.  It’s a live environment where not only are you learning, you are serving the actual patrons of the restaurant and getting the true experience of the restaurant atmosphere and true customer satisfaction.  So call us today if your serious about being the best and avoiding the pitfalls a novice makes in this business.  718-987-2422













Pizza school Alaska

Pizza School Alaska

Pizza School Alaska! Well, these two wonderful students came all the way from Alaska to learn with the world champion pizza team at Goodfellas Pizza School of New York ! Every week we have amazing students from all over the world.


Pizza School Alaska
Pizza Students master the art

Learning the art of pizza is what the pizza school is all about. One on one training, personal care, and ensuring our student’s success.  We know that every student learns at a different pace,   so we train them to master each step of pizza making as they go.  Our training focus is on the student’s ability to do, rather than lecture them, we make them produce all recipes and make pizza live.

You learn it all! We don’t just teach one style of pizza like some pizza schools do, and we know that a classroom environment with multiple students just divides your instruction.  You can learn New York Style, Sicilian style, Neapolitan style, calzones, pizza rolls, garlic knots, breads, desserts and dozens of incredible creations along with our international pizza winning recipes and sauces. This is all taught in a live environment where you roll up your sleeves and get down to the business of pizza making!


We also offer all recipes, with workbooks and fantastic training materials as part of the course that are yours to keep.


Our Latest Alumni on the way to show Alaska how it’s done!  


Our alumni are as successful as they are because they get the undivided attention by being the only students in the course, AND because the course is taught by 3 World Champion Pizza Makers: Scot Cosentino, Andrew Scudera, and Sal Russo.  So come master the learn all you can so you to can be a great pizza success!

  Two Great Students!


Pizza School Alaska here we come!

Scenes from the International Pizza Expo 2016

 What a huge week at the International Pizza Expo 2016

The Goodfella’s Pizza School of NY and NY Brick Oven Company at the  International Pizza Expo 2016!
The Pizza School of NY family was in full force this year at the expo.  The team competed in Traditional and NonTraditional categories and placing 1st and 3rd in their regions.  The International Pizza Expo is the largest trade show for the pizza industry loaded with hundreds of vendors selling everything pizza.   Thousands of attendees attended and competed from all across the planet. Leo DiCesaris from Cerrone’s Brick Oven Pizza placed 3rd in his region.  He has only been in business for a few months and competed in the expo for the 1st time.  Joey Nidel from Tuscono’s also competed for the 1st time and placed 1st in his region for the NonTraditional category.  Andrew Scudera from Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza and the Pizza School of NY placed 1st in the East Coast Region and moved on to the 2nd round to compete for best pizza in the world.  Scudera finished 3rd overall in the competition this year.  Scudera is no stranger to the Pizza Expo, winning first place for Best Pizza in the World in the Non Traditional category with the Tequila Pie.   Goodfella’s is no stranger to competition, winning 3 National Titles, 4 International Titles and 9 Regional Titles in the East Coast in past years.  Click HERE to see some past press and photos from their many years of competing!   Also competing the non-traditional and traditional categories were the all-female crew from Strongs Brick Oven Pizza in Northern Kentucky.  I would like to congratulate all my Pizza School of NY alumni on a job well done.  We are looking forward to seeing you next year in 2017 for another very successful expo!  Below is some highlights from the competition and about the Pizza School.

international pizza school

International Pizza School


International Pizza School. Every week we have amazing students from all over the world, They come from great distances to fulfill their dreams and learn the art of pizza.

They to come and train with us at the International Pizza School of New York ! I guess you can say we are an international Pizza School with students from every continent, it’s truly  amazing!The truth is we love them all and their all great people of all types of beliefs and cultures and incredible stories All with a ton of passion and really brave folks who want to go out despite anything and make  their  dreams a reality  . They bring such interesting stories about their lives, their towns, and cultures, They travel from places I know I will never visit this lifetime, but I do, I   know  that  when they leave, I will always have a friend  and be able to enjoy a great pizza and conversation and enjoy their success .

I guess we are changing the  world in some little  way, sharing a common bond, and a passion for the art of pizza. I would love  to say “that it is our mission  to have the whole planet covered  with great pizza shops and good people who love the art and share the love.”   I guess you can say “I’m a dreamer” but dreams lead to realities and anything that can   contribute to peace a better world happier people , even for a moment can make a difference. ,To me  making that difference is through pizza and that is  fantasist !

We all love pizza and it’s a common bond  worldwide as with all great food. It’s truly hard to argue while enjoying  a great pizza! So everyone enjoy, and perhaps the peace will spread and the world will be a better place!  

Check Out Face Book and Love Us! PIZZA SCHOOL FACEBOOK  

Pizza school Pizza Styles

Neapolitan Pizza School

Neapolitan Pizza School. A lot  of people call and ask about Neapolitan pizza school.  It seems that some want to make it and don’t even know what it is. They say “they have been reading about it in pizza magazines etc”. The fact is that Neapolitan pizza is great pizza, but many people would not appreciate it due to how soft and blistered it is with leopard spots.

It’s also what we call a “fork and knife pizza”.

The dough is very soft and when cooked it’s not something you can pick up with your hands so easy . The mozzarella is buffalo the tomatoes are imported San Marzano and the flour, imported as well, a fine milled low gluten double zero flour

.It should take a few days to make the dough and needs to be cooked at 900 f ,anything less is not what we consider being Neapolitan Pizza. We would be more than happy to show them how to  make truly amazing Authentic Neapolitan pizza using double zero flour and San Marzano tomatoes.

We teach the classes every week and most students learn all the styles with us.

You see Neapolitan pizza is great but most of the times it’s not what operators want or even their customer base. The reason is that it’s a soft and burnt and blistery,  not what the Avg consumer is looking to eat. But as a lifelong pizza maker I admit that I do love it too . We teach this style as well as many others including what we call classic New York Brick oven style pizza. That is real brick oven style made with fresh mozzarella and a high gluten flour that makes a crispy pizza that most people will enjoy. 

We teach this style as well as many others including what we call classic New York Brick oven style pizza. That is real brick oven style made with fresh mozzarella and a high gluten flour that makes a crispy pizza that most people will enjoy. 

New York Brick Oven Pizza
New York Brick Oven Pizza Style

So if you want to learn it all (why not) we are here to help you master the art of pizza!  We teach all about the art and anything the student needs to learn . It’s all one on one, at your pace  live in our restaurant. This is the  perfect experience to really see what is happening day by day and what it takes.

 Nobody  does what we do. That’s correct  nobody! ! This way you know your business you know all about flour ,you know all about sauce, toppings, cooking   and most importantly  what type of pizza you really  want to make!

Classes are every week,  book early because we are always full. We  can also  hep you with all your design needs, concept development or anything else when it comes to making great pizza . We have been doing it for over 25 years and have helped so many wonderful people all over the world learn the art of pizza . Call us today and we will be glad to discuss your needs and what we can do for you!  Call day or night if your looking for the just  a Neapolitan Pizza School ! 1(718) 987- 2422

Do you  want to know about the best brick ovens for fast casual pizza or Neapolitan pizza made easy?  Check out the New York Brick Oven company link just copy click or paste   The New York Brick Oven Company  



Want to Experience Brick Oven Cooking at Home?


The Forno Bello Series (Beautiful Oven Series) is an incredible 33″ X 35″’ wood fired pizza oven. It comes in 2 beautiful colors (Red or Tuscan Yellow). Featuring a cool modern design on the traditional brick oven, by the world champion Pizza School of New York.

Fast heat up times for making incredible wood fire pizzas, steaks, chicken, fish, bread and incredible desserts!

Check It Out!