New York Pizza

What makes New York Pizza great pizza? Some say its the water. I  dont know about that being particulary true. I have made some pretty good pizza through out the country and didn’t bring the water from New York. So what makes New York Pizza so great?

Like all great pizza its a combination of so many things. The water, the flour , the  proofing process and all other recippe ingredients are definaltly the main thing.  But all the combinations have to come together in the cooking process as well. The difference in temperature you cook at can also dramaticly change the taste and charaterisics of the dough and how the ingredients combine. The time you cook can also do the same thing. So what’s the secret to Great New York Pizza? Well its about knowing your basics and a little bit of an art. But the good news is at Goodfellas Pizza School of New York we know that “secret” and master that art, and so can you!


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