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The Pizza School of New York launches it’s new fast casual pizza concept design  program. After many years of success at being an International Pizza school and consulting experts for the pizza  industry, they have now  turned their  focus to the fast casual segment. The fast casual pizza segment is one of the hottest industry trends at the  moment  and is actually changing the way America are eating and experiencing pizza .

It seems like the fast casual pizza race started in the west coast with concepts like 800 degrees, Blaze , Piology, Mod Pizza and is now be replicated and reinvented by many well known companies and entrepreneurs who are all looking for a slice of the pie.

Andrew Scudera (World Champion Pizza Maker)  of the Pizza School of New York says “we have trained hundreds of students over the last few years and have helped launch many concepts from full service restaurants to small take out places and many new incredible fast casual models. The fast casual pizza concepts are the hottest and fastest growing  trend in the pizza industry. We have helped launch over a dozen different ones in the last few months and have seen so many incredible ideas and successes. The fast casual model works so well. Lower labor, less stress ease of operation  and great products it just makes sense that this is the way to go  .

With so many people looking for the opportunity to be their own boss and enter the fast casual pizza segment without experience, we know that  our expertise and experience is truly an invaluable  service     Our main focus is going to be a full service consulting for the fast casual  industry. Hot and cool concept development, that’s what we offer.

Many people and groups are looking for and are wanting  to get into a fast  casual pizza concept franchise.  Fast Casual Pizza Franchises are experiencing tremendous growth throughout the country. But as you know most franchise companies have stringent guidelines, sell territories for multiple unit development, have limited markets available and have tough  requirements on liquid capital available and even experience .   So for the  many individuals or groups who truly desire  a fast casual pizza concept that they love , we are here to offer that service. And here is where we come into play:

We offer people the ability to learn the art of pizza with complete hands on training ( with  world champion pizza makers) in a live restaurant environment. We also offer concept design and development , which includes menu development,equipment specifications,  3D color renderings,  and operational manuals for fast casual start ups . I guess you can say it’s like getting a franchise with out paying  the royalties forever,  having your own autonomy to make decisions,  and grow your own brand while still fueling that entrepreneur spirit .  Our services make life easy for new entrepreneurs and seasoned ones as well who want to break into another segment  or develop their own fast casual concept.  We are looking forward to seeing great pizza all across America, and fueling the entrepreneurial spirit to help make great pizza concepts a reality.


The Pizza School of New York

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Pizza School

Every week people from all over the world come to do the Master class!! The hottest trend in pizza is the Fast Casual Pizza Segment. We are the fast casual leaders helping new concepts develop and fixing some old ones  as well! We offer complete one on one training at the pizza school of New York. Students can learn at their  own pace to be professionals at what they do!  You train directly with the International Pizza Champion Team! We teach all kinds of pizza styles and the true fundamentals on how to be a true pizza expert. You will learn how to make pizza dough, how to mange pizza dough, all types of four use and what kinds work best. Gourmet sauces, gourmet toppings, world champion pizzas as well as all the secrets of successful pizza management.    So when your ready to learn the art expand into the fast casual pizza race we have a team of experts ready for you. Pizza concept development, revolving brick ovens and what ever it takes is what we do!! check out our Brick Ovens the best for the fast casual industry


Pizza School of New York

When it come to learning the art of pizza or starting anew pizza business who then better to learn from then experienced world champion pizza makers . The Pizza school of New York offers one on one training with all hands on experience. Our students are all taught one on one,  this way they can really master the art. Every student is different and learns at a faster or slower pace, we make sure we don’t skip anything so that they learn and master each step as they go.

Our best students are the ones with out any experience. They listen well and are eager to really learn the art. By day one they are making dough, making bread and yes stretching dough and making pizza!  Most  of them are amazed at how fast they can learn when some one who cares, takes the time,  and assures that they get it. The important thing to do with all students is to be sure that they get each part of the training and master the skill as well as the art. When a student gets all the basics and really understands then ,  he then  can  make anything and really sees the “art “in the art of pizza. There  are so many ways to make great pizza , we show you the basics, and all the great gourmet pizzas that we have one many international awards for!   After you master the techniques you can do any thing, and most students  do so many great things as a result.  So when its time to learn the art there’s only one place to really learn it live it and breath it! That’s the Pizza School of New York

Vodka Pizza Staten Islands

It all began in 1992 with the creation of the Vodka pizza at the Original Goodfella’s Pizza  of Staten Island 1718 Hylan Blvd . The amazing creation was just an accident. Their was some vodka sauce left over from a pasta dish at the end of the night  and I decided to make a pizza with it. Of courses I added some peas prosciutto and yes the homemade mozzarella . It was called the Scotty Pie my family named it that after me. Scot Cosentino  it was a little bit funny having people ask for a Scotty pie so i nixed the name and went with the Vodka pizza! People where a little skeptical at first trying to get them away from the traditional fresh mozzarella pizza, but once they tried it they fell in love!!

That pie won us a national award that year for the best pizza in America at the Jacob Javits center NYC. The Vodka Pizza has become our best selling pizza and still is till this day. It also became famous just about every where and is now sold through out New York , New Jessey and many other places in the country.   Whats the old saying? something about being copied is flattery ? What ever it is. I say theirs nothing like the original !

The Origanal Vodka Pizza

Vodka Pizza Voted Best Pizza in America

Pizza Schools

The Pizza School of New York does it again. We help more people master the art and become successful then any pizza school . Take a look at some of our successes-full full students on our face book page . They love the art and they learn the art one on one with some of the best Pizza makers in the world. The pizza school of New York can make a master out of you too. So come learn the art of pizza and be a true pizza expert.

Pizza Experts

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Pizza Schools New York

When it comes to New York every one knows what great pizza is. Then what better place is there then to come learn then The Pizza School of New York. We been making amazing pizza for over 22 years and are 3 time international champions as well. So if you want to learn the art of pizza there is only one place to do it!

Pizza School New York

The Pizza Master Himself.

Pizza School of New York

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Amazing Pizza from the Pizza School of New York

If you want to learn the art of pizza in a real live restaurant environment then you need to come to the Pizza School of New York. We teach all our students the “art’ of pizza all one on one and we guaranty your successes.  We can teach you how to be a dough master sauce master and make some of the most incredible pizzas you ever seen or tasted. We specialize in brand new students and take the time to and make sure  they get it right. Many of our students have had tremendous success in their markets and have won the tile of best pizza in their state!  So if you want to make incredible pizza come learn the secrets. and call today!

718 987- 2422


pizza expo 2014

The World’s Best pizza team hits Pizza Expo. We where cooking up a storm with master pizza maker Andrew Scudera  and an incredible REVOLVING BRICK OVEN from the New York Brick Oven Company. We set a new world record making 200 pies in 50 minutes. The fast casual pizza chains of the world where ecstatic when they seen the amazing pizzas and the ease of operation. So come learn with the masters at the Pizza School of New York and be sure to join the Brick Oven Revolution with an incredible Revolving Brick Oven from the New York Brick Oven Company

The Pizza Master Himself.





Pizza School

The World’s Best Pizza School.

One on one training with the Three Time International World Champion Pizza Team

  • You will be learning with the 3 time World Champion team, all hands-on experience, live in a real restaurant environment.
  • You are the only student! Everything is done one-on-one, giving you the benefit of our complete focus and expertise.
  • Dough Master! Sauce Master! Dessert pizzas and dozens of Gourmet pizzas that have won World Championship titles!
  • We will make a Pizza Master out of you! It’s all about our students and we teach it all one on one. No Experience No problem!
  • Receive all recipes and training materials that we have covered, with the added benefit of having a pizza veteran on hand to any questions about the industry, both during and after the course.
  • Where else can you learn the secrets of how to make all types of incredible international award winning pizzas? Nowhere but The Pizza School of New York

Visit our web site  or call today and book early while we still have openings. (718)  987- 2422. Be the best!

The Worlds Best Pizza school

The Pizza School of New York


Neapolitan pizza experts

We can teach you amazing  styles of pizza at the Pizza School of New York. Not only Neapolitan style but the Best New York Brick Oven style Pizza as well. True New York Brick Oven Pizza is a more crunchier and favorable Pizza that most consumers would prefer to eat on a daily  basis. We also teach all types of amazing creations that will allow you to dominate your market!  So come learn for the World Champion Pizza makers in a live restaurant environment and learn from the best!

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